Ostuni. Upper Salento. There it is, the fairy tale exists! And like every tale, it needs to be told…

XIX Century, outside the White City walls, one of the most beautiful Mediterranean boroughs, entirely painted with whitewash and full of Baroque portals dominated by the austere profile of the Lombard-Gothic Cathedral of Santa Maria dell’Assunzione. Between limestone cliffs spotted by Mediterranean maquis, secular Olive trees and dry stone-walls, rises one of the most beautiful Liberty Style Villas of the entire region.

In a chest of pines and oaks, like a gemstone, the Villa Novecento, after a takeover that brought it to a new life of style and splendor, has become a Luxury Hotel with a decor of antique furniture and a choice of art carefully selected by the Pisano Family after a long pursuit of beauty.

The discovery of a fascinating past-time world begins at the entrance alley. surrounded by a peaceful green park extending for 17 thousand square meters, Villa Novecento welcomes its guests in the elegant baroque style lounge with a cup of precious tea and homemade almond biscuits. The Hotel Park Novecento Resort is decorated in liberty style with precious fabrics and walls adorned with trompe-l’œil of fine make signed by the artist Fulvio Massi.



The Park, caressed by fresh and healthy sea air rich in iodine, inspires long walks and quite moments of relax surrounded by the typical lush vegetation of the late 19th century romantic gardens. As in any Liberty style scenery, water reigns with fountains and waterfalls that enchant the guest giving a sense of pleasure and serenity. The heart of this "eden of water" is the large central pool surrounded by greenery and dotted with unique sculptures. The facility features a parking space and an ample banquet room which can accommodate large groups of guests, perfect for meeting and unforgettable events.