The Park Hotel Novecento Resort, in order to protect its guests, and in order to guarantee them a peaceful stay, has adopted all the measures established by the Italian government with regard to new coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, in particular concerning protection, spacing, disinfection and sanitization of environments and aeration.

The 17,500 square meters park of our Hotel guarantees a natural distancing, 1.5 meters between the tables of our restaurant both inside and outside, and regular spacings in the solarium of the pool.

In order to correctly manage the Coronavirus emergency, we invite our guests to a careful management of their stay that guarantees their own safety and that of others.

All our staff have been provided with means of protection and instructed in their use and in the management of safety distances.

In this regard we ask our guests:

  • Use protection masks inside the hotel
  • Frequently sanitize hands
  • Use the pool towel provided and bring it back to your room
  • Take a shower before entering the pool
  • Use the swimming cap in the pool and a water spacing of 7 sqm per core
  • Do not move the tables or cots from the established safety position
  • Pay attention to the signs posted

*We advise that body temperature can be measured

For the safe management of breakfast, which according to law can no longer be served as a buffet, as well as light lunch by the pool and dinner, our menus will be provided daily so that you can book the service, even in your room, at any time you prefer.

The Park Hotel Novecento as your guarantee, takes care of the disinfection and sanitization of all surfaces and fabrics inside the rooms, in the common areas of the structure, the solarium and the catering areas, as well as the water of the swimming pool and the sanitization of the air conditioning systems.

Our towels are washed and sanitized according to the law by qualified certified facilities.

Our protocols protect guests from the latest SARS-CoV-2 emergency, but we have long since adopted protocols for the protection against legionella.

We are confident that our transparency and attention to pandemic management is a guarantee that our guests will enjoy a safe and peaceful stay, and we thank you for your cooperation in the use of the new security measures.

Park Hotel Novecento Resort